This 2000-hectare sheep and wheat farm, run by Don and Joy Williams, is located around 250 kilometres north of Perth, Tootbardie Road, Badgingarra. One fifth of the property has been left untouched, and contains some of the greatest botanical diversity in the world: The native vegetation area contains many rare and priority flora and is therefore of very high conservation value.

The vegetation of the Northern Kwongan or Sandplains is known Australia-wide and internationally as having particularly high floristic diversity and levels of endemism.
The area surrounding the remnant kwongan vegetation complex contains a gently undulating landscape of low hills and rises with the remnant vegetation block itself containing a very prominent upland area with ‘break-aways’.

There are some simple camping facilities with chemical toilets, showers and you can take a farm, bird-watching or wildflower tour with local experts.

Booking is essential prior to visiting the farm.